About Us

Advocate Lynn Human 

  • Advocate Lynn, obtained a Bachelor of laws Degree (LLB) at the University of South Africa and is currently busy with a Masters Degree (LLM) in Family Law.

  • I am an admitted advocate practising in various courts, in the Republic of South Africa.

  • I obtained my Pupillage certificate at the Gauteng Society of Advocates and became member of the Gauteng Bar Council.

  • Apart from running a successful business, I lecture advocates in the pupilage program. The advocates receive a certificate after completion of the pupillage program and are elegible to apply to any Bar Council to become a member.

  • I specialise in admissions of advocates and attorneys.

  •  I lecture in Pupillage program of the Gauteng Society of advocates.

  • Handle administrative issues for pupils in Pupillage training for advocates.

Human Chambers

The Company, Human Chambers, located in Pretoria was founded in 2017 by Advocate Lynn human.

The Company is driven by sole ownership/own account as required by an Advocate in the Code of Ethics and the Legal Practice Act.

Advocates are, in a general sense, specialists in litigation and in the particular field of law in which he or she practices. We are in pursuit of excellence in providing legal representation or assistance, so as to promote the fundamental right of access to courts and the fundamental right of equality before the law.

We accept briefs from attorneys and consult with their clients. Each one of our members is committed to render his or her professional services without fear or favour, independently, objectively and at reasonable fees.


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